Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I receive a response from JETREA CARE® regarding benefit verification and patient assistance program information?
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In most cases, a response can be expected within 5 business days. This estimated time accounts for the due diligence needed to gain details for prior authorization, if found to be required. Should a patient assistance program be selected, JETREA CARE® will provide results of patient eligibility with benefit verification. This process allows for comprehensive reporting to best serve the needs of the patient.
The JETREA CARE® process is simple; one enrollment form will start the process for benefit verification and patient assistance eligibility. Click here to download enrollment form.

Who can I contact regarding specific questions, including urgent cases?
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Please contact JETREA CARE® to help address specific questions and urgent cases in a timely manner at:
  • Experienced JETREA CARE® Coordinators are available Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 6 PM CST by phone at
    (855) TRY-JETREA (879-5387).
  • Contact JETREA CARE® Coordinators to help address urgent cases in a timely manner.

    Where can I get more information?
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    By PHONE:

    • Experienced JETREA CARE® Coordinators are available Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 6 PM CST by phone at
      (855) TRY-JETREA (879-5387).
    • For:
      • Reimbursement Support [Option 1]
      • Medical Inquiry or to Report Adverse Event [Option 2]
      • Product Replacement (returns goods policy) Information [Option 3]
      • Storage and Freezer Information [Option 4]
    The JETREA CARE® Fax number is:
    (855) 362-0729

    What are the Patient Assistance Programs and respective eligibility requirements offered by JETREA CARE®?

    Your patients may qualify for one of the following co-pay and assistance options to help with their out-of-pocket financial responsibility:

    For patient insured through commercial insurance plans, this program covers out-of-pocket costs in excess of $25, including co-pay, co-insurance, and/or deductible.*Eligibility requirements, among others, include:
    • Annual household adjusted gross income of $150,000 or less
    • US resident status

    Referral to Independent Nonprofit Co-pay Foundations
    For patients insured through government programs (ie, Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, VA, and Federal Employee Health Benefits Program), this program offers co-pay patient assistance.Eligibility requirements, among others, include:
    • Limited income requirements
    • US resident status

    JETREA CARE® Patient Assistance Program
    For uninsured patients, this program provides JETREA free of charge. This includes patients who have been rendered uninsured through a carve-out or denial of coverage.Eligibility requirements, among others, include:
    • Annual household adjusted gross income of $100,000 or less
    • US resident status

    * JETREA CARE® CO-PAY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM does not apply to patient financial responsibility for the injection procedure.
    Independent nonprofit foundations provide assistance regardless of the choice of medicine, and decisions are based on financial need and according to criteria established by individual foundations. JETREA CARE® can assist patients by referring them to these independent nonprofit foundations. Neither ThromboGenics® nor JETREA CARE® can guarantee that patients will be eligible for or receive co-pay assistance after referral. Neither ThromboGenics® nor JETREA CARE® have controlling or managerial influence on these independent nonprofit foundations.

    What is the wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) for JETREA®?
    The WAC for one single-use vial of JETREA is $2,963.00.

    What information do I need to know when ordering JETREA?
    Additional Information

    Flexible options are available for ordering JETREA. Practices can acquire JETREA from one of the following:

    • Besse Medical
    • McKesson Specialty Health
    • McKesson Plasma & Biologics
    • AllianceRx Walgreens Prime

    Furthermore, the following programs offer additional flexibility:

    • Convenient payment options – credit cards are accepted
    • Product replacement program – Product Replacement Policy is located under Ordering Information

    ThromboGenics® has provided their distributor partners with payment terms. Based on distributor eligibility criteria, your office may qualify to receive these payment terms. Please contact your distributor partner for details.

    For more information on Storage and Freezers Call (855) TRY-JETREA (879-5387) [Option 4]

    Please note that due to the storage and handling requirements of JETREA, shipping will only occur Monday through Thursday, for next day delivery.

    What should we do if a claim for JETREA is denied by a payer?
    Additional Information

    JETREA CARE® offers comprehensive reimbursement support services.

    Please contact JETREA CARE® if you would like assistance with appeals, including support with:
    • Identifying reasons for underpayment or denial
    • Clarifying payer appeals process and related requirements
    • Guidance on appeals submission based on payer requirements
    • Tracking appeal status with the payer
    • Pursuing all levels of appeal, as needed
    A patient may qualify for the JETREA CARE® Patient Assistance Program if they are rendered uninsured for the on label use of JETREA and all appeals have been denied. Qualification for the JETREA CARE® Patient Assistance Program will depend on certain eligibility criteria such as on-label use of JETREA and patient’s gross income not exceeding a determined amount. For more information, call (855) TRY-JETREA (879-5387) [Option 1]


    JETREA (ocriplasmin) injection, for Intravitreal Injection, 1.25 mg/mL is a proteolytic enzyme indicated for the treatment of
    symptomatic vitreomacular adhesion.

    Important Safety Information

    Warnings and Precautions

    • A decrease of ≥ 3 lines of best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) was experienced by 5.6% of patients treated with JETREA and 3.2% of patients treated with vehicle in the controlled trials. The majority of these decreases in vision were due to progression of the condition with traction and many required surgical intervention. Patients should be monitored appropriately.
    • Intravitreal injections are associated with intraocular inflammation/infection, intraocular hemorrhage and increased intraocular pressure (IOP). Patients should be monitored and instructed to report any symptoms without delay. In the controlled trials, intraocular inflammation occurred in 7.1% of patients injected with JETREA vs 3.7% of patients injected with vehicle. Most of the post-injection intraocular inflammation events were mild and transient. If the contralateral eye requires treatment with JETREA, it is not recommended within 7 days of the initial injection in order to monitor the post-injection course in the injected eye.
    • Potential for lens subluxation.
    • In the controlled trials, the incidence of retinal detachment was 0.9% in the JETREA group and 1.6% in the vehicle group, while the incidence of retinal tear (without detachment) was 1.1% in the JETREA group and 2.7% in the vehicle group. Most of these events occurred during or after vitrectomy in both groups.
    • Dyschromatopsia (generally described as yellowish vision) was reported in 2% of all patients injected with JETREA. In approximately half of these dyschromatopsia cases there were also electroretinographic (ERG) changes reported (a- and b-wave amplitude decrease).

    Adverse Reactions

    • The most commonly reported reactions (≥ 5%) in patients treated with JETREA were vitreous floaters, conjunctival hemorrhage, eye pain, photopsia, blurred vision, macular hole, reduced visual acuity, visual impairment, and retinal edema.

    Please see full Prescribing Information for JETREA.

    You are encouraged to report side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit MedWatch or call 1-800-FDA-1088. You may also report side effects of JETREA online directly to ThromboGenics by clicking here if you are a Health Care Professional.

    For medical information inquiries, or to report an adverse event or product-related complaint, please call 1-855-253-7396 or email